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Welcome to Mariyil Rubber Nursery

We are Proud to Present the Prestigious Mariyil Rubber Nursery before our viewers. The Nursery is renowned and highly reputed throughout the Northern part of Kerala

The Main Branch is Nestled in the Keezhillam town . It also has Sister Concerns in the Perumbavoor town, Nellimolam and Aimury. The easy Accessibility of the Nursery is an added benefit to its customers . The Enchanting and the serene beauty of the nursery is one of its chief attractions.

Tracing Our History One could feel ours is a Nursery with a difrrerence as we value quality productions Mr.Issac Kurian ( Saji ) the Owner of the Rubber Nursery is a man of High ambition. His Hard Work, Determination and perseverance enable him to cherish his dream Project. Born of a humble origin the path to success was not an easy task for him. But years of experience and practise has made him a perfect man in this industry. He is now an unrivalled Business man in this field. He started his plantations in just 25 cents and his production increased on a commercial scale within 15 years of hard labour. The courses he attended from the Rubber Board has been very beneficial to him in his work. Now the Nursery has grown into a full fledged one with different Varieties of rubber seedling. We pay utmost care in maintaining a clean environment

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