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Various types of our planting materials include :

  • Polythene bagged plants
  • Root trainer plants
  • Bud wood of various varieties
  • Budded Stumps
    1. Young budded stumps
    2. Green budded stumps
    3. Brown budded stumps

Our wide variety of budded source plants in the bud wood nursery include :

RRII 422

RRII 422 originated from RRII 105 and RRIC 100 is a clone with vigorous growth and high yield. It is resistant to Pink disease and is short in nature with average virgin and renewed bark thickness. It provides an average yield of 68 grams. Now Mariyil Rubber Nursery, Keezhillam Perumbavoor, sells more than 2 lakh plants annually. Every customer of Mariyil is completely satisfied with the cordial and friendly dealings with the management and the staff. Their happiness has no bound when they get the best yield from their newly grown rubber plants. You can experiment with our products and can feel the genuine difference.

PB 260

PB 260 is a high yielding clone with excellent secondary characters. Originated from Malaysia, whose parentage is PB 5/51 x PB 49. The virgin as well as renewed bark thickness is below average and it has good tolerance to the external stresses. The trunk is tall and straight and is resistant to most of the diseases.

RRII 414

Originated from the parental clones of RRII 105 and RRIC 100. It has the ability to moderately resist itself from all the common fungal diseases. Fast growth of this variety ensures commencement of tapping from the fifth year itself. The average yield per tree per trap is about 70 grams.

RRII 430

RRII 430 comes from the clones of RRII 105 and RRIC 150. It is a very promising clone which provides an average yield of 72 grams per tree.

RRII 105

RRII 105 is a clone developed by the Rubber Research Institute of India which enjoys maximum popularity among the rubber growers. Developed from the clone of Tjir1 and GI, gives an average yield of about 60 grams. The trunk of RRII 105 is tall. It has good branching, long and glossy leaves. The strength of the plant is average before and after tapping. The thickness of virgin as well as renewed bark is considerably above average.

RRII 417

A vigorous and high yielding variety originated from RRII 105 and RRIC 100 which is developed by the Rubber Research Institute of India. The yield is about of 71 gram per day.

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